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Frozen Outdoor HVAC Unit

What to do about frozen heat pumps

  1. Turn thermostat to the emergency heat position. This will use your back-up source of heat, thus not allowing the heat pump to run during this condition.
  2. Once all of the ice is gone, schedule a service call. It is extremely important that the ice is removed naturally so that no further damage is done.

Changing Furnace Filter

How often do I need to change/clean my air filter?

Typically every 3 months. It depends on the type of filtration system and dust conditions inside the home (kids, pets, etc...). Sometimes filters need to be changed at sooner intervals. We recommend checking them once a month. After the first year you will get an idea of the schedule.

What should I do if my thermostat is blank?

This can happen for several different reasons. Before calling a service technician check that your circuit breakers are on and filters are clean.

My heat pump is making weird noises & venting a lot of steam. Should I be concerned?

No, this is normal operation for a heat pump when it goes through a defrost cycle. This cycle is necessary in order to maintain efficiencies by melting off any ice built up on the coils. This cycle should only lasts a few minutes before returning to the normal heating cycle.

My gas furnace only runs for a few minutes before shutting off. Then it comes back on in a couple minutes & repeats this on and off before it feels warm. Why is this happening?

It could be possible that your furnace's mechanical safety switches are tripping due to improper operating conditions or that your furnace could even be "Short Cycling" due to over sizing. In either case, a service call should be set up to prevent further problems.

My heating system starts at 4am even though I programmed the thermostat to start at 6am. Why does it do this?

Most of today’s thermostats have an “Adaptive Intelligent Recovery” setting that can be turned off. The thermostat is starting the heating cycle earlier so the indoor temperature will be reached by 6am rather than starting the heating cycle at 6 am.