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Spring Cleaning for your Heating and Cooling System

Spring Cleaning for your Heating and Cooling SystemWhen you are making your spring cleaning list to help freshen and organize your home following the winter season, be sure to include your heating and cooling systems. A clean HVAC system makes your home more comfortable and improves energy efficiency. Following are four key areas to include in your spring HVAC checklist this year.

Furnace Filter

Let’s start with one of the simplest, yet most important tasks on your spring HVAC checklist–changing the air filter. If you use a basic throw-away fiberglass filter, pick up some high-efficiency filters from your home store. The air filter is vital to protect HVAC components, drive energy efficiency, and maintain better indoor air quality.

Grilles and Registers

Clean all the grilles and registers in your home. You can do this with the brush extension of the vacuum or simply wipe them down with a cleaning cloth and spray bottle. If you see that the inside of the ductwork is filthy, schedule a duct inspection with your HVAC technician.

Evaporator Coil and Condensate Pan

The evaporator coil is the component contained in the air handler that removes heat from indoor air. During heat removal, condensation forms on the evaporator coil and fins, which attracts and basically traps mold development and dirt. These contaminants may also form in the condensate pan and drain tube.

The evaporator coil may be cleaned using a self-rinsing foaming coil cleaner. It only takes approximately 20 minutes, and you can follow up by pouring a half-gallon of 50/50 water and bleach into the condensate pan. This will help wash the foam cleaner down the condensate drain and clean the condensate pan and drain line in the process.

Condenser Coil

The condenser coil is contained in the outdoor half of your split-system A/C or heat pump. Spray the unit off with a garden hose to remove leaves and other debris. Before you clean the condenser or the indoor evaporator coil, make sure you turn power off at the circuit breaker.

To hire a professional to perform this spring HVAC checklist and more important HVAC tests, please contact Roth Heating & Cooling today.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in the Metro Portland, Oregon area about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems). 

Don’t Forget About Your HVAC System During Spring Cleaning

Don't Forget About Your HVAC System During Spring CleaningAs mild as Portland’s summers are, your air conditioner still has a lot of work to do to keep you cool. A thorough HVAC spring cleaning before the summer heat moves in will help your system cool reliably and efficiently.

Brush Off the Dust

Inspect your air filter and if you see a buildup of dust, put in a new filter. A dirty filter limits airflow, reducing your system’s energy efficiency. If you suffer from spring allergies, consider upgrading to a MERV 11 or 12 pleated filter, which will trap dust and pollen more effectively than thin fiberglass filters.

Remove your supply air registers and return air grilles by unscrewing them. Place them in a mild solution of dish soap to soak. Use your vacuum’s hose attachment to clean out dust and debris from the ducts behind the registers and vents. Wipe the registers and grilles down with a rag and replace them when dry.

Clean your outdoor unit by first using a stiff brush to remove dirt and debris such as leaves and grass clippings. Then get out your wet-vac and fit the brush attachment onto the hose. Use this to remove the remaining dirt from the fins.

Call in a Pro

Some of the most important parts of HVAC spring cleaning involve components only a professional can access. Every year, schedule a professional air conditioner inspection before the cooling season beings.

Your technician will clean the motor and blower fan, test the motor’s voltage and amp draw, clean the evaporator coil, inspect the coil for leaks, test the refrigerant charge, take care of any loose or corroded wires or electrical connections, clear the drain line, and perform many other tasks. All these steps keep your air conditioner running at top efficiency and help the components reach their maximum lifespan. A professional cleaning also prevents annoyances such as an overflowing drain pan and ice on your outdoor coil, which can develop into bigger problems.

For pro help with your HVAC spring cleaning, contact us at Roth Heating & Cooling anywhere in the Portland area.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in the Metro Portland, Oregon area about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).

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