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Security Lights at Home and Work

Security Lights at Home and Work With all the pricing, design and installation options available, it’s possible to easily protect your property from intruders and increase its usability after dark with security lights. From solar powered lighting to screw-in motion detecting adapters, it’s easier than ever to illuminate all corners of the outdoors.

  • A well-lighted yard reduces the chances of break-ins. Lighting not only shows you who and what’s outside, it also reveals activity around your home to the neighbors. Both two- and four-legged intruders do not like to be seen.
  • Insurance companies like security lighting. You may get a break on your insurance rates if you install overhead lighting in parking lots and around the perimeter of your building, especially if you combine them with a video monitoring system.

    Not only do the lights send burglars away, they can also keep your valuable wiring and HVAC equipment intact. One of the more recent targets for theft in commercial and residential areas is copper wiring and from HVAC systems. It takes thieves just a few minutes to remove the coils inside HVAC equipment to sell as scrap metal.

    Not only does this take your heating and cooling system out of commission, it’s likely to prompt an expensive system replacement. Because of HVAC industry regulations, the indoor components of HVACR systems have to match the outdoor parts. If your equipment is older, it’s not likely that compatible outdoor components are still available.

  • Besides increasing safety, security lights also enhance the livability of the outdoors. You can use them to highlight elements of your landscape, like a water fountain, light-tolerant garden, or patio.
  • Motion detectors send invasive animals out of your yard. Nocturnal animals don’t like to be startled by a flood of light when they prowl around your yard scrounging for food in your garbage cans or garden.

Without security lights, your yard or lot may be vulnerable to intrusion. With it, you’ll have more peace of mind and it can add enjoyment to the special features of your home and yard. To learn more, contact Roth Heating & Cooling, providing HVAC services for Portland-area homeowners.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in the Metro Portland, Oregon area about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).

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