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4 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Heat Pump

Retrieving data. Wait a few seconds and try to cut or copy again.Heat pumps offer a more energy-efficient way to keep your Portland home warm when it’s cold out. If you have this type of heating system, it’s important to keep the following information in mind.

Heat Pumps Are Programmable

You can make your heat pump even more energy-efficient by using it with a programmable thermostat. This type of thermostat makes it easy for you to adjust the temperature inside your home on a regular basis. All you need to do is program the thermostat to increase or decrease by a few degrees at certain times in order to save energy. For example, you can have your programmable thermostat drop a few degrees at night while you’re asleep or during the day when you’re at work. Your heating system won’t run as often during these times, which reduces energy usage, utility bills and wear and tear on your heating system.

Heat Pumps Need Regular Maintenance

Heat pumps are much more efficient than gas furnaces, but they need routine maintenance in order to stay this way. Regular maintenance helps catch potential problems early and ensures that your heat pump is in good condition for the heating season.

Heat Pumps Have a Defrost Cycle

If you notice what looks like smoke coming from your outdoor heating unit, don’t panic. Heat pumps often produce steam when they go into defrost mode during winter. When the defrost cycle is on, the auxiliary heat inside your home might come on to ensure that your home stays warm.

Heat Pumps Cool Homes

Heat pumps aren’t just for heating homes. They also keep them cool during summer. Your heat pump provides your home with comfort all year long, whether it’s hot or cold out. Keep in mind that this means your heat pump will also need routine maintenance during the summer months. This helps it stay efficient when it’s cooling your home.

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Heat Pump Freezing Up? Some Possible Solutions

Heat Pump Freezing Up? Some Possible SolutionsDo you have problems with your heat pump freezing up in cold weather? While the presence of a light layer of ice on the unit during our cold Portland winter weather is fairly normal, heat pumps do sometimes freeze up. Typically, the periodic defrost cycle keeps the unit sufficiently ice-free to maintain proper functioning. Nevertheless, when the unit freezes for an extended period of time, the freezing issue should be addressed. Be sure to turn your thermostat to the emergency heat position and use an alternative heat source to avoid running the unit while it’s frozen. It won’t do you any good anyway, until it’s fixed. Continue reading

Your Air-Source Heat Pump and Its 3 Cycles

Your Air-Source Heat Pump and Its 3 CyclesHeat pumps are marvelous home-comfort systems that, at the touch of a button, the flip of a switch or with programmable thermostat settings, shift between heating, cooling and defrost cycles. This ensures that your comfort and energy bills groove with outside temperatures no matter the daily or seasonal weather changes. Learn the basics of heat pump cycles to maximize system performance, comfort, and energy savings all year long. Continue reading

Choosing A Heat Pump — What HSPF And SEER Mean To The Process

Choosing A Heat Pump -- What HSPF And SEER Mean To The ProcessWhen it comes to choosing an energy-efficient heating and cooling solution for your Portland-area home, a heat pump might be your best option. The more you know about heat-pump efficiency ratings, the better decision you can make on what heat pump will work best for your needs.
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Heat Pump Maintenance — Why It’s A Seasonal Concern

Heat Pump Maintenance -- Why It's A Seasonal ConcernJust like any other piece of heating and cooling equipment, heat pumps need regular tune-ups to operate well. That’s why every season, heat pump maintenance should be your number one concern. And here’s why. Continue reading

If These Duct Design Objectives Are Lacking, Your Home Comfort Might Be, Too

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The Energy Efficiency Of Your Heat Pump — What Makes It Possible?

Heat pumps offer homeowners a practical and efficient way to heat and cool their homes. Air-source heat pumps obtain efficiencies of about 300 percent (and more with advanced features), while geothermal heat pumps reach upwards of 600 percent efficiency, since they extract and release heat from a source with consistent temperatures (the Earth). Continue reading

Use A Heat-Pump Thermostat Effectively By Following These 3 Tips

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Maintaining Your Heat Pump: What You Can Do Yourself, And What You Should Have Your Contractor Do

Proper preventive maintenance is vital to keep your heat pump in tip-top shape. Frequent monitoring and cleaning of your system will ensure a long and efficient life. There are some tasks that homeowners can handle on their own, while others should be left to a qualified professional. Continue reading

Deciding On A Dual-Fuel System: Do The Numbers Add Up?

Before you decide that a dual-fuel heat pump is right for you, you need to add up the numbers. Here are four important calculations that will help you know if your investment is worth it:

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