What are the Most Common HVAC Problems in Spring?

What are the Most Common HVAC Problems in Spring?Now that winter is waning, It won’t be long before you’ll make the change from heating to cooling your home. Since this portion of your HVAC system has been shut off for several months, you might experience a few issues when you make that switch. Here are some common spring HVAC problems and why they occur, along with some advice on solving them quickly:

Too Little Conditioned Air Output

If you’ve put in a fresh air filter and your system comes on but there’s not enough airflow from the registers, it’s wise to have your HVAC pro investigate why. It may be that the evaporator or condenser coil needs cleaning to remove accumulated dust and debris that’s interfering with the heat transfer process, or a leak has developed somewhere in the refrigerant lines. If there’s airflow at the registers, but it doesn’t feel as cool as expected, the outdoor unit may not be cycling on due to a faulty contactor or other problem.

Inconsistent or Uneven Cooling

Does your air conditioner or heat pump start up and run but you find that some rooms stay too warm, while others cool down too much? Uneven cooling in different areas of a home can have several possible causes, including flaws in the ductwork design, unbalanced system airflow, a poorly-placed thermostat, or under- or over-sized equipment. An experienced HVAC technician can determine exactly what’s going on with your system, and then offer effective solutions to improve comfort throughout your home.

Non-Responsive Cooling System

If you’re met with a blank thermostat screen when you go to change from heating to cooling mode, simply replacing the batteries may solve the problem. If the thermostat is working, but you don’t hear or feel a response from your cooling equipment, head to your main electrical panel and reset the system’s breakers by switching them off and back on. If these two fixes don’t work, call your HVAC contractor to thoroughly inspect the system’s various controls and components to determine why.

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