Spring Forward, But Don’t Forget Your HVAC System

Spring Forward, But Don’t Forget Your HVAC SystemThough it seems like only yesterday we were “falling back,” it’s already almost time to “spring forward” when Daylight Saving Time begins. In addition to moving the clock ahead one hour, it’s a useful reference point that reminds us to take care of important household chores — like testing and changing the batteries in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Others involve the HVAC system. Spring is a transitional season and now’s the time to prepare for the transition from heating to cooling. Here are some things to remember as we spring forward into summer.

Change The System Air Filter

It’s the single most important DIY task to ensure system performance and efficiency. If you don’t know how, ask your HVAC contractor to show you. Once you’ve got this simple procedure down, keep changing the filter monthly throughout the coming summer. You’ll feel a difference in indoor comfort and see a difference in lower operating costs.

Schedule Preventive HVAC Maintenance

It’s important to get an annual A/C system check-up by a qualified HVAC technician before summer sets in, preferably at seasonal startup of the system. This ensures optimum cooling all summer long and also allows the field tech to spot minor incipient problems now — before they turn into a major breakdown later. Also, the warranty terms of most manufacturers require a record of regular annual maintenance to keep the warranty valid.

Have The Ductwork Inspected

If it’s been a few seasons since anyone looked inside there, a duct inspection by an HVAC contractor may reveal leakage that’s all too common in residential ductwork. It’s also a major cause of energy inefficiency, high operating costs, and poor system performance. If signs of leaks are observed, the contractor can discuss sealing options.

Clear The Outdoor Unit

Remove any winter cover from the outdoor half of the central A/C. If weeds or other overgrowth are obstructing the air vents, cut them back to create two feet of clear space on all sides for maximum air circulation.

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