Five Tips For Choosing An HVAC Contractor

Whether you’re looking for someone to perform routine maintenance on your heating and cooling system, or you’re in the market for a complete system replacement, it’s critical to find the right HVAC contractor for the job. Calling the first HVAC listing in the phone book is certainly an option, but you run the risk of overpaying or ending up with shoddy workmanship. Knowing what to look for can make all the difference.

Here are five tips that will help you make the best possible choice:

  1. Ask for Credentials:  HVAC contractors in Oregon are required to hold a license demonstrating two years of experience in the field.  A NATE-certified contractor has gone beyond basic licensing to pursue additional HVAC training. Making sure your contractor meets these minimum standards helps to ensure that he or she is qualified for the job.
  2. Do Your Research:  Knowing the system you already have (age, overall performance, basic functionality) will help you work with an HVAC contractor making repairs. If you’re replacing a system, it’s also important to understand your options and potential costs ahead of time. Educating yourself is a great way to avoid purchasing a service that you didn’t want or need in the first place. 
  3. Check Referrals:  Your HVAC contractor should be able to provide you with a list of referrals. Ask previous customers about their overall experience and if they would use the contractor again.  It may help you avoid hiring someone with an unsatisfactory service level.
  4. Get it in Writing: Avoid hiring any one who won’t provide something in writing. A reputable HVAC contractor will always provide a written, itemized estimate for repairs and system replacements. 
  5. Heed the Warnings:  Asking for money up front, failing to return phone calls and missing deadlines are all warning signs that your contractor may not be the right one for you.  

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2 thoughts on “Five Tips For Choosing An HVAC Contractor

  1. Lisa Dee

    Thanks for your advice! I’m looking for a new HVAC contractor (since my A/C went out)! Even though the points are basically common sense, it’s always great to have them listed as a reminder. There is one more point that I would add: Ask for insurance proof! If a worker is hurt on your property while under your employ and the contractor does not have proper insurance — you become liable (in most states anyway). But I suppose if a contractor has credentials, this should be included. One other thing — some contractors provide discounts for students, single moms and seniors, so it never hurts to ask!

  2. Jeff Madison

    I like your tip for asking a contractor for their credentials before hiring them. It seems to me that you would want to make sure a professional is qualified to do the job you are hiring them for. My wife and I are looking into getting our AC unit replaced, if we decide to do it we’ll be sure to ask the contractor for his credentials before hiring him.

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